Can’t tesla’s self driving cars used to deliver Groceries ?
Grocery delivery should not be a life or death choice for people

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    A car with a driver isn't 100% safe, a driverless car even more. The quarantine just means lesser car and people on the streets so danger to hit someone would likely still be there.

    Instead of driverless cars my vote would be more on the delivery drones which Amazon is trying to make.
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    @iamai drones are not practical they cannot carry groceries for a family of 4 ( median family size )
    , i think teslas are well equipped for grocery delivery specially when there is not much traffic , also it’s self driving capability is proven to be really good at least in USA
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    @hardfault if they are able to build a car without a driver they can likely build a drone that can carry more weight. If content is too many then there would just be more frequent trips? All can consider to have different drone types for different deliveries.
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