(Favourite code editor - weekly rant)

Well, my favourite text editor is hands down Visual Studio Code, though it is debatable whether it should even be called a text editor.

VSCode has got so damn many plugins that it can definitely stand up to an IDE's capabilities, if not surpass them.

With its debugger, compiler, and inbuilt terminal, it is already close to the definition of an IDE, and the right plugins and, most of all kite copilot, can make it easily surpass an IDE. Palenight High Contrast Material is my theme of choice and honestly, it looks sweet.

Now, as for my IDE of choice (If you don't count VSCode as one), I sorta like IntelliJ, Don't really ask me why, I just do.

So, Text Editor: VSCode, and IDE: IntelliJ.

Personally, most of my code is either in Python or Java, so in the context of those 2 languages, I like the above 2 (Though my picks are suitable for other languages too)

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    Commenting on my own rant as a P.S. -

    The integrated Git version control In VSCode is damn amazing and handy too - It's just nice to be able to push, pull and commit right from your code editor.
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    VS Code is the best text editor I've ever used but it doesn't even come close to a good IDE for a real programming language in my opinion
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    <clears throat> Real programming language?

    You better not mean Python, but yes, I agree with the fact that VSCode ain't great for every language, but it sure is for Python. My picks are meant to be suited for Python the most, and IntelliJ for Java.
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    @mahir-halani Apart from my hatred for Python I would absolutely use PyCharm if I had to write it.
    I meant stuff like HTML or CSS where you don't need IDE features anyway. For these languages VS Code is great
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    @12bitfloat I personally do like Python, and I sorta understand why you might not, but I do prefer VSCode over PyCharm quite a lot unless I really do need some of those IDE features. Kite co pilot and other extensions do make the environment and development flow of VSCode significantly suited for Python. There aren't too many PyCharm features I miss anymore though, VSCode is great for most of my Pythin needs.
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