I feel like I may be done with dev... the imposter syndrome has been hitting hard lately. I really want to get into Natural Language Processing, I'm currently looking at skip-gram parsing a dictionary using Word2Vec, then I came across a paper called dic2vec which looks promising.. half the time, I just think I'm barking up the wrong tree, or that it's been done before. Most times I conclude that I have nothing new to offer and there's gotta be half a thousand people like me, striving in the same space. Possibly failing. Don't get me wrong, the state of consumer software at the moment NECESSITATES my involvement (I'm looking at you (epic games, windows) , every which way I look at it. I just don't know where or how to get going. Viva la revolution. A toast, to shitty software and exceptionally low moral *klink*

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    Don't let the imposter syndrome hit you hard. Try look at what your are not good at and go over watching YouTube videos explaining that. Or use books. Google is your friend forever... Stackoverflow too. Devrant too can help you. Just don't let the syndrome hurt you hard. As I like to say - "you hit me hard, I hit you harder". If you wish to change your field of Programming do it. But don't let the syndrome hurt you again. It will likely but resist
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    proper self rant
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    There is this dude who builds since 3 years a marble music instrument on youtube. He is a huge slacker and probably could have built in 9 months. His last video was really thought inducing about your motivation and staying focused on the thing you want to achieve. Wintergatan - Learning on how to focus
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    @heyheni thanks! I love wintergatan Wednesdays. Have you seen the one where he goes to the domtoren clock tower?

    Thanks for the link! Very useful info.. Internalised vs externalised goals.. I suppose one doesn't need jira to subdivide a task and cross shit off a list, lol
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    @sweetnothings thanks. You're right, at the very least I should be treating it as a learning opportunity. I'm rather excited to do the k-means clustering/dimensionality reduction part of things. Are you interested in a similar space?
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    @sweetnothings would you be interested in keeping in touch and/or collaborating in this space?
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    @sweetnothings I can't seem to figure out how to dm you. Are you on discord perhaps?
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