PostmarketOS rant 4 or whatever it is now.
I wish i could say it boots up and all but thats not the case.
enabling CONFIG_VT breaks reading ramdisk completely. So no Logo or booting the fucking shit.
What do you do in this case ?
Well one could spend the time finding the issue and fixing it.
Which would take lot of time.
The second option is mainline bitches.
Since this SOC is very well supported thats the only reasonable option. Mainline the phone and it will boot up for sure.
Also running linux-next on phone ? Fuck im haxk20. COUNT ME FUCKING IN.
And since its basically free time whatelse would i do at home ? LUL

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    Just fuck a logo into VRAM during boot and be done...?

    (Also this old-ass rant is being suggested still... neat.)
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    @Parzi I wish. Isnt that easy. I would have to rewrite the entire driver for that. Do i want to do that ? (NO)
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