Hello guys, started learning NLP a week ago. With the book

Do you have any ideas for mini projects? (Something more simple than a chatbot)

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    - English syntax highlighter (color by type of part of speech).
    - Abbreviation detector heuristically detecting unknown abbrevations based on their location inside text (the hard part) and use of dots or uppercase letters (the easy part).
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    An Programm that reads a twitter feed and Tries to detect normal Text and Text with lies.
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    - Missing question mark detector. Analyses a sentence's part-of-speech order and detects sentences wich schould end in a question mark and doesn't (or the other way around).
    - Non-neutrality detector. Weights adjectives and tries to detect non-neutrally written sentences.
    - Language detection. Detects the language a text is written in.
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    A program that answers the question , "Was this post written by a bot or a human?"
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