Today I've been summoned to work for the first time in weeks to help with the startup of a machine, and testing the HMI software that goes with it.

Me and a junior colleague go to the machine. We try to get everything ready for testing. Machine was left stuck in some intermediate state by someone else. I have no idea on how to control the machine's individual components. My colleague received a crash course a while ago, but was unable to reinitialize the damn thing, and the senior machine builder was too busy on another project.

In other words, me coming over had no purpose at all, and we accomplished nothing.

I really don't understand companies. On one end there's an endless bitching about how everything is too expensive, and on the flip-side you see 'em toss buckets of money through the window.

Oh well, as long as it goes from the window to my bank account, there's no problem for me I guess.

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