I wish recruiters knew a little bit about bits.

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    The whole concept is such bullshit.

    Performance is always relative to the environment.

    Throwing a "10X engineer" into a different team might suddenly make them underperform -- It's not like a tiger can hunt whales by learning how to swim.

    The job of HR and team leads is not to find mystical 10x engineers, as they don't really exist. It's to make sure everyone can find the right environment where they can reach their maximum, and weed out those who are completely uninvested in improving.
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    What if it's signed? And the x means it's hex.

    This should be on joke/meme
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    @electrineer What if it's an equation... Max productivity is reached when Engineer = 10X, the mass of the engineer is 80kg, so X is equal to 8kg.

    The solution is obviously to bring a mid-sized bowling ball to the office and throw it in a nice arc at the closest HR desk, that would definitely increase productivity.
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    I get so pissed off when I see dumbfuck managers talk about 10x engineers and throw around dumbfuck management buzzwords.

    There's no such thing as a 10x engineers. There's teams with good devs who work together well and there are teams with dumbfuck devs or managers who don't work together well.

    When you map the team productivity, spikes appear because of team members who gel well. Then a dumbfuck manager interprets it as "Oh, this guy must be 10x".

    Well those guys are dumbfucks.
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