I had written a negative review of my company Jio on Quora. Some higher-up executives read it and shared it in their internal WhatsApp group, and one of them even reached out to me.
I deleted it back then to be safe, but now I feel like restoring it.

But now Facebook has purchased shares in my company, and everyone seems to be forgetting the fact that Ambani still owes $41 billion in debts to the government. I feel like restoring my deleted Quora to spread awareness, and contribute to the evolution of the IT proletariat consciousness.

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    Don't do it, quora is cancer. It went from academic discussions about topics (albeit frequently overbearing) to shitpost about crickets and rep farming years ago.
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    I did lol. But anonymous answers on don’t get enough reach. I guess Quora doesn’t like them.
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    I always thought Quora was the modern equivalent of Yahoo answers. (That's not a compliment.)
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    Quora is halfway there on just becoming a text porn website.
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