What the hell am I searching on Google?

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    Out of context but it worth mentioning that Quora is usually filled with a lot shit questions. However, there are really good questions and answers.
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    You could make it sound like Latin to non initiate, but then again, why not learn a dead language in the first place?
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    Answer: you will have something to say even when your mind is just blank.
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    I mean... Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet is as much as I remember(might not even be correct) but I don't think there is any benefit in knowing any more of it, it's perfect length for headings and such and if you need the full length lipsum it is quicker to search for it then to type it
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    Superpowers but here you are still a witch
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    @error503 Quara has become the new Yahoo answers. My feed is filled with terrible parents, an extreme example: "My son only got a B+ in his exam, I locked him in the cellar, now he wants food, should I give him food?"

    I obviously made it up, but they are often as bad as that one. And the answers.. don't get me started, they are often presented as objective, yet highly biased.

    There are also those "What's the best programming lang...?". The answer starts with "you can't really say which is best" and ends with "X is definitely the best"

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    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecuitir edipiscing elit ...

    I memorized it when I was a junior web dev. Didn't do me any good.
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