Just sharing a thought.

A and B are 2 good friends.
in the last days of their college, both of them know that after this , life is about to come for them. they would be out of the comfort bubble and into the harsh world. they have a lot of paths in front of them, and they have to make choices now.

A is a very unsure of everything:

- He likes a bunch of things in which he would want a career in , but is afraid that his choice of interest isn't too good.
- He also don't like a bunch of things that he don't want to get stuck in , but is afraid that its either too good or too bad that eventually an average guy like himself would have to end up there .
- He also got a bunch of demons in himself which are the reason for his overconfidence, doubts and maybe his average results.
- he ends up trying a lot of things, giving average results in them due to his demons and lazy nature and end up regretting every of his choice. He does gets some success at the end, but he lives a terrible, sad life

Then there is Guy B:

- He's also an average, but he don't regret his choices. He also have a bunch of demons, but makes sure to keep them in check
- He makes choices and sticks with them. He only tries a path if he feels like so, he is not easily swayed by the choices of people around him. He has some firm beliefs.
- He ends up in career path that he is fully confident of, and doesn't regrets about it in the least. He too gets success.

I assumed( and hope) that both of these guys gets success. But i am sure one was just throwing stuff on the wall thinking that something would stick, and other was sure that he has a glue in his hand and it would definitely stick(even tho it might had not been a glue).

For the first guy the success was a surprise, a miracle that he didn't even believed that he got one. But for other, it was a long due reward that he was confident would someday come up for him

The practical case is usually that the first guy never gets to enjoy success and ends up regretting( like the ending of first guy's story) and second guy not only gets the success, but get it faster than he would have though( like the end of second guy's story)

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