Simple binary questionnaire;


The application is:
0 - Garbage
1 - Good enough

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    tf is that, search engine spam generator?
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    @Root Fucking gross right? Idk if you’re familiar with ngrok. But you have to pay more to have a pretty url. The app is only temporary so I don’t give a fuck.
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    @molaram yes, it generates fake coronavirus reports for medical professionals.
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    @amoux That is amazing. 😂
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    @sweetnothings Thank you so much for your feedback! The outputs come from two pre-trained Transformer models and not directly from hardcoded rules or algorithms. There's literary one "if" condition from query to output - and it's only to handle if the user wants the output summarized or not. And, yeah, the results depend highly on how clear and related it is to the dataset (which makes it domain-specific). But I will work on your feedback; the model needs a bit of tunning!
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