This is one of those moments when I just wanna say FUCK this git crap, clone this, pull that, CI this, build that, deploy this shit there, wait for 10 minutes to receive objects...oops, invalid key, start over... oops it failed for some other shit reason, start from scratch.....x100 or whatever number of servers you're deploying to... which obviously NEVER behave the same despite being built from the same fucking image?!! whoever the fuck came up with this kind of workflow didn't have to go through the pain of working with 50 gig repos.

And fuck your volumes too, 27Mbps IO? Really? in 2020?

StoRe YouR AssEtS in S3. FUCK THAT NOISE. The fuck if I'm going to have to deal with 100 alerts for various errors and failures each minute just because and I'll be double fucked if I will give up working with shit on a local filesystem rather than some 3rd party service. WTF an API just to store my shit? Whatever the fuck happened with cp -r and mv -f and ls -la, fucking S3 huh? We're so cool bcos w3 storez ur filez in a DaTaBAsE now. FUCK YOU. GO SUCK MY POWER CABLES.

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    Sounds like your network is shit. My git streams hundreds of MBs par instantly.
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    @SortOfTested noo it's on the same """""gigabit"""" lan, or at least thats what they bill me for.

    I've juist decided to have someone else play with this crap
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    @sqlkid yea it has your SQL error logs in it numb nuts
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    50 GB of repo size is your problem.
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    @electrineer yea and there ain’t much i can do about it without getting into a fuckload of other issues.
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    Do you already git clone with --depth=1?
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    50GB repos?! Wtf?!

    GIT lfs at the very least, though I still find it clunky. Better to just store large files elsewhere entirely imho.
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    In this app there’s a fuckton of 3d models and renderings some people keep updating.
    Will probably end up using something like EFS -> cloudfront but still investigating, last time we tried it turned into a shitstorm. Not to mention bandwidth costs (bw costs in 2020? FUCK all providers who charge for bandwidth)
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