I so want to switch from Eclipse to vscode. It feels so lightweight. But what makes me going back to eclipse everytime I try to switch to vscode are the little details.

why does the autocomplete popup close when moving the cursor left or right? In eclipse it just adapts the contents of the autocomplete content accordingly. Look at this issue to get what i mean: https://github.com/microsoft/...
And maybe vote for it too 😅

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    Shit you have my vote, sir
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    Not something I've noticed, but the Eclipse way is definitely better. Upvoted.
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    I also do feel the same ,
    Eclipse use native compiler for like java integrated which is fast.
    Whereas in vs code there need to run separate compiler server using web based APIs . Though we do not know what is running behind, still we feel like it is same as Eclipse

    Hope they can fix this , I always have to wait in between the file saves and cide changes
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