Some days I'm really not sure if I'm a developer or everybody's general problem solver because I'm an engineer and can think critically about your site configuration THAT YOU SHOULD BE ADMINISTERING YOURSELF!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

"Doesn't work, must be the dev."

Wrong. You misconfigured something and fucked it up. Figure it out yourself - actually read the error message right in front of your face - and don't waste my time.

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    Maybe they’re just dumb and don’t mean no harm
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    They don't have the rare gift that Terry Pratchett called "First Sight" - to see something that's right in front of one's face. ^^

    Btw, the "devrant" tag is not for "developer rant" because there are ONLY developer rants supposed to be here. It's for stuff related to this platform itself.

    Oh, and welcome to devRant!
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    @Fast-Nop i think some people forget their computers have displays that show stuff and focus on pressing the right "buttons' instead. Oh it's not working, I must have pressed the wrong button, let me try again *smacks the mouse and press key harder*
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    @molaram no, it's definitely more of a reliance thing on their part at this point. they don't even TRY or THINK of doing it themselves. Though I suppose it is partially our fault, we've been far too nice and accommodating in the past... we've coddle them into relying on us
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    @Fast-Nop uh oh, can I fix it.... or can you just fix it for me? 😂😂😂

    But seriously, can I change that?
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    @fullstackchris at the same time some would say it's lacking on the UX side
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    @fullstackchris No, you can only edit rants for a couple of minutes afterwards, but a little longer than comments.

    Btw., it's even devs who don't read error messages. Compilation doesn't work. Yeah no shit, what fails? Dunno, there's an error message. How about you read the fucking error message?! Happens really often, especially with noobs. Forums are full of that crap.
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    @Fast-Nop but why the fuck can it not work in the first place? without failing? without errors?

    UX? how about DX? anyone?
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    @molaram In the cases I was referring to: because the dev had a mistake in his source code.

    Otherwise, there are tons of possible error conditions. Licence not installed, online stuff without net connection, disk full, out of memory, hardware issues, lacking access rights, damaged data files - basically anything that the software itself isn't responsible for but that's required.

    I mean, it's not the trousers' fault if one tries to piss while not having the zipper opened.
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