Ubuntu 20.4 is not very cool.

It might look "polished" in some (barely noticeable) areas , which doesn't matter to me as i already used better themes and icon packs. Moreover they tried make ui and icons flwt which looks terrible. It feels like to ubuntu's designers , flat= every icon in a dark gray color. Am not a fan of black topbar either, the old darkish looked much better

The worst thing is that now i have to go through multiple start screens since my laptop is dualboot :/ .

Its now like : black screen > (hp+ubuntu logo) + grub > (hp) > (hp+ubuntu logo + loading icon) > lockscreen > my system

Earlier it was just hp> grub>lockscreen>my system. The fast start up was one of my favourite features of Ubuntu, now its a million loading screens. The lockscreen is cool tho

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    I believe it's just additional styling. It doesn't actually affect boot times.
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    @gronostaj currently it feels a little slower loading time, but i guess it will improve with multiple restarts
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    Yeah, external monitor support and scaling is fubar'd. Switching and prioritization is fucked, there's a memory leak in gnome configuration, it's a hot mess.
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    I have the ubuntu budgie environment,
    It feels faster now. And the scaling option is also good.
    Can t say of ubuntu gnome though.

    Only the repos missing, that are not yet available for all softwares
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    I will wait for the first update, which will usually come in June. It has been the last times with the LTS releases that they were not that stable at first but became better quickly.
    I think that's the reason why the upgrade notifier only notifies as soon as the first update is out.
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    Try Fedora.
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