Is there are anybody who works in Toptal?

How's it's screening process and income for a full stack web developer?

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    I am not sure anyone here would easily confirm they currently work or worked for X company. It's DevRant for a reason. Throwing anguished words and bitchy insults can be common. Which is also why I'm hesitant to buy the swag items. My colleagues would then know what I've been ranting. Although it would be nice to let my manager read the rant of wanting a raise. :D

    Going back on topic @SortOfTested gave the best reply
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    I can say I know someone who did it, I never heard anything bad about it from them, and they don’t do it any more. Sorry I’m not really in touch with them any more so can’t be much more helpful than that.
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    Hey i just registered haha, from what ive seen on reddit, the coding interview is just standard hackerrank style puzzles
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    Thanks everybody for your good suggestions.❤
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