My workplace has been forcing me to work everyday for almost a month now. I've been working at least 8-10 hours from Saturday to Thursday, and 2-3 hours on Friday as well. I'm so exhausted. I can't sleep properly. All I do is work. I have no time left to do things that I want to enjoy. I tried coding today but I'm too exhausted to do it. I was literally at 0 productivity today. I hate seeing my computer now. I don't know how to overcome this especially during the current lockdown situation. The work I do is not valued or appreciated and it's mentally breaking me honestly. I don't know what I want anymore. For sure another job but I need at least a temporary fix till the lockdown is over.

For those who know me or read through my profile, yup it's the same company. The reason I haven't left them even after all this is because this is a really tough time for me financially and I have no other sources of income and right now at my place there are no job opportunities. So the only option is to continue with the existing work place.

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    This sounds really awful.
    What helps when i an burned out is running. And during the "corona-home-office-time" this was necessary very often. I just wanted to throw my pc out of the window because it got me so low.

    Try to get your head free, physical exhaustion is a good thing to achieve that in my opinion. But this can be sth. else for you of course.

    And when your financial situation is more stable or you know when its getting better find another job quickly before you are completely down.

    Remember that this shitty job won't be forever!
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    Running also saved my life. Knee problems and lockdown plus fasting month have kind of put a whole damper on my mood and I feel the burnout coming on. My place of work is just as trash. The stream of shit to be done is like constant jira diarrhoea. I have been applying to alot of jobs tho. People are still hiring remote in these times. I had a few LinkedIn recruiters hit me up.
    Sorry. You definitely need to put yourself first. Fuck these corporations that treat people like soulless machines.
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    If you can't get out now, motivate yourself by thinking of ways to fuck them over when things get better for you. Revenge is motivating sometimes.
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    Turning of all discractions help. after work sit down on the couch and simply do Nothing.. after rested cook your favorite meal and relax again. if you feeling stressed put on your best music and start dancing.. (exercise) so your body your mind will be emptied. I there are no other jobs near you it maybe means there are also no other candidates near you.. that means that you simple take a step back once in a while because they need you. also what helps for me is playing video games it take my minds of things.. if all of this is not possible due to kids and wife and stuff.. find a way to get separate yourself from them for an hour or so.. to just.. have your quiet moment to recharge. Also if you are financially struggling what helps for me is making a document with all the numbers... so that you can see where the money goes... this would help to get the most out of it.. and also if you have a partner work together to solve this :)

    and the best of luck!
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    Try to ask for a week off for yourself to recharge. Explain that it is for your health and that you are already burning out from the job. Managers are supposed to be there to understand the needs of the staff and do the necessary contingency measures that allows staff to have a healthy environment to work in which means work life balance should be achieved. Also when you are not in the office it makes other people see what your worth is. Just take a 5 minute break and clear your mind. I hope your spirits will bounce back somehow soon.
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    @iamai I'm not sure I'll get a week off because at the moment my project is the only one generating revenue for the company. So they want me to continuously keep working. I'd get a day, two max that too not completely off. Just less work sort of a thing.
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    Get some time for yourself. If you don't tell your managers you're burning out they won't know and they can't help either. It's good to relax, keeps us sane :)
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