Oh boy IntelliJ IDEA is gonna spoil me bad

This postfix completion feature just blew my mind. I didn't know I wanted this until I found out about it.

I missed a proper IDE for a long time. VSCode is fine but holy shit I forgot how much a good IDE can do for you.

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    There's such a thing as a good IDE?
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    At my new job everyone was developing with Notepad++. I introduced PHPStorm to them and they were amazed that there is such a great thing.

    An IDE takes a lot of work and helps you a lot.
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    @Root It seems there is
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    @vorticalbox 😂

    @ItsaMeTuni I've been using RubyMine for a few months now, and honestly the only things I like about it are how pretty I can make it, and the rspec integration. Oh, and the debugger. That is actually quite nice.

    Other than that, I kind of prefer Sublime or Vim.
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