IntelliJ IDEA just saved my ass!
I tried deleting a resource file I had staged, but not commited yet.
A dialog comes up asking to delete alternative configs with "Yes" as the default.
Boom! After I braindead hit the enter key all other files vanished too!
I checked Git and saw to my horror that the files were also not tracked anymore.
I hastly lookup the last backup timestamp - an hour ago - fuuuuu!
I just lost about an hour of work.
I was about to give up and start from scratch when I look at the edit menu in my IDE.
Turns out you can actually undo multiple file deletions!
Kudos to the girls and boys at JetBrains! You saved the day! 😙

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    It really is IntelliJ(ent) after all.
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    So like, it just moves the file back from the trash...?
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    Local history on intellij is the cats pyjamas!
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    Jetbrains have these great features that you only appreciate when you're fucked. Local history saved my ass many times when git couldn't.
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    Local History saves my day when i fuck my git up 😬😬😬
    Fuckin intelliJ(ent). Chapeau 😍
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    You say that it saved you, but it's also the thing that caused the fuck up in the first place. Why is there a dialogue to delete all those files? And it defaults to yes?
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    @Fydrenak deleting the file could have happened in any ide or even with just CLI. After all even rm command assumes that you know what you are doing. And if not, you develop behavioral pattern to press y and then enter as fast as you can without even thinking.
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    @mt3o The feature makes sense if you want to delete the whole resource like when you refactor.
    A resource can have different config/variation based on language, screen size/density or device orientation.
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