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    Dat unbounded exponential growth, ya'll
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    Its just pretending to keep us calmed down!
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    The worry I have is flying drones yelling at me that I need to pay my taxes before Apruary or get shot on thirtyfirstend of Junuary because my face has 55% of the racial characteristics of a defaulter.

    I'd rather see really smart AI, than people mistaking dumb AI for smart AI.
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    @bittersweet I have mixed feelings.

    On one hand, a super-intelligent AI will only continue to improve, and will likely replace humanity at some point. I'm okay with this, so long as it is decent and has decent goals. But it could be a super-intelligent AI whose only purpose is producing paperclips as efficiently as possible. That's objectively worse than humans in every way -- quite the feat.

    On the other hand, dumb AI will only enable humans to make things worse, like in your example. But at least it'll still be humans running things (into the ground, of course). But you can understand and at least somewhat reason with humans. An AI, by contrast, is utterly alien, and its reasoning won't make much, if any, sense.

    So, I'm hoping for a decent AI that has humanity's best interests as its goals -- and has an actually-helpful approach in meeting those goals. Any and every other outcome would just be awful.
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    What the joke with wrong auto complete?
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    Of course this might be a really good AI trying to make the best coherence based on a very small amount of broken data, supplied by a human who doesn't know how to spell "February"
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    @Flygger went here looking for this. Thank you sir!
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