Intern complained to Manager that I have been googling to find code snippets

Manager confronted me during one of our meetings. I explained.

Manager felt stupid and seemed angry on the intern.

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    How dare you! ... use the available resources...
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    How did he become manager if he didn't even laugh the minute he got that complaint. :D

    As pen is to paper, then as issues is to Google. Amen.
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    @iamai Our manager does not know how to code. Sometimes, I think I should be the manager.
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    @adic as you are aware now, a manager handles a whole level of issues/stupidity that you simply cannot Google.

    Imagine switching places with him. Do you have time to type in Google
    "How not to laugh at employee stupid complaints"

    If you really want to be manager sir, my prayers are with you.
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    @iamai Right, it is tough to respect and handle stupid comments with patience everyday.
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    You're "cheating" on the "exam"!
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    @iamai All praises be to copy pasta
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    What exactly did you tell to the manager?
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    Do flashcards on all the hard obscure shit and you can turn your brain into a type of search engine: it's called "long term memory" and it works.
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