I didn't care about commenting. Now opened my project after a long time.

Me: What does the white and red lines do?
Why even I wrote this?😕😕😓😭

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    @sqlkid yes, I'm a little bit new with 1-year irregular experience of coding. I'm so irregular that I've only two 5-star ratings in freelancer.com

    Oh, you are talking about templating. Yes, it is a templating part of the 3500+ lines project.
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    You got jobs on freelancer.com? Congrats.
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    @Matthewb thanks.

    1 year ago I was curious about freelancing. Then I just learn some basics of coding and participate in a backend API integration contest. The hard contest was about Facebook Graph API. You won't believe me, I won my 1st contest in 1st try using an Android mobile.

    After that amazing day, I learn coding along with work. Now I'm building a basic social media site as my portfolio. I hope I'll back as a full-time programmer in freelancer.com after finishing this project.
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    @shuvo1729 if i tried to be full time on freelance.com id be homeless, i cant afford to bid 5$ on a project that would take almost a week to do
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    @Matthewb So true. I also face the same problem. But I find a solution. I have a client who will give me a few projects in freelance.com. After getting some experience and finishing my portfolio projects, I'll try to join Toptal. Then I won't have to spend 7-10 days to get any project. Also, it's income is much higher than freelancer.com.
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    Why is message.seen not a boolean?
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    @N0ps it could be boolean but I didn't make that. Who cares!! The output will be same.
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    @sweetnothings I know it would be better if that would boolean. But it is my personal project/quarantine project. Everybody won't see this.

    Since I learned coding from YouTube and documentation, I don't know much about convention.
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    @shuvo1729 You're opening yourself up to a lot of pain if you're not using proper typing.
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    @PrivateGER agree with you
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    Why the fuck are you editing on android?
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    @-pthread That's because of 1 year ago I was curious about coding and instantly install some editor in my android. That time write some code in android for fun😀. Constantly it becomes my habit to lay down in bed and writing code on mobile.😴😴

    Oh, one more, not even writing once I host a flask app on android over the Internet. Though I have a hosting in Google cloud.
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