A little story which happened my SECOND day on the floor after getting hired to do customer-facing phone support for my current job (can't mention the name, NDA). Customer from Detroit calls in:
Me: "Thank you for calling (company), my name is Guru, how can I assist you?"
C: "Uhhh, yeah. I need to get back into my ID. I can't backup my tablet or phone, and y'all are kinda holding my data host-" <Loud gunshots>
C: "oh! Shit!" <sound of running feet>
Me: "Everything OK sir?"
C: "Fuck! Naw! Hang on!" <more running, jumps a fence, skids to a stop>
C: "Ok, I'm safe, I'm safe... So what I gotta do to get y'all to let me back into my shit?"
*MUTE* Me: "First of all, what the fuck are you doing on the phone with me when you should be either A) calling the cops because, I dunno, just maybe some trouser stain is attempting to kill you, or, B) FIRING BACK, MOTHERFUCKER!!"
*REAL* Me: "OK, first you gotta… (outlines step 1,2,3... etc)
C: "OK, that sounds easy enough. I'll try it when I get to the office, I'm on my way there now- shit. Hold on again..."
(talking to someone on the street): "what, him? That dude? Over there? That dude... In the shirt?What the fuck!? Are you sure? Hold on, sir! I'ma call you back..."
Last thing I hear before the line lets go is a large BOOM!

Sometimes it's best to just sit back and sip your coffee...

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    NDA's only apply to private information.

    That said, you don't have to make excuses for not sharing your current client or identity. That's why this site exists.
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    @SortOfTested gotcha. First time under NDA, figured I’d be better safe than sorry.
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    This sounds too dramatic and cool to be true. I hope it is true, but I also don't want it to be true because of the obvious. Shit.
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- oh yeah, it’s true. I couldn’t make this shit up if someone paid me to. LOL. Some of the people I get on the phone are completely nuts, I could write a book. Law suits don’t appeal to me though.
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    Just write that book and get rich. Then you can buy the best lawyers and will be fine regardless of whether anyone dares to sue you or not.
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