Story time: Once I sent our android developer a project that he was supposed to compile and install on a test device. On my machine everything worked perfectly but on his machine ADB would keep failing to install the apk. After an hour of scratching our heads we figured out what happened:

He had just received a new Chinese action camera from Amazon and plugged it into his PC to charge. Turns out it's running rooted Android and runs ADB Debug mode by default. So the build script would try to deploy our phone app to his action cam instead of our test device

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    A maker-friendly device wich makes it easy to install custom firmware. Nice.
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    I doubt it's intended as that.
    Sounds more like yet another insecure IoT device.
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    Couple of months ago with Xamarin :
    I’m creating a new project for fun. (Xamarin Forms). The empty template doesn’t compiles.
    Tried to clean cache, recreate project, reinstall a lot of things.
    Problem was : My path was too long : exceeded 256 characters. We were in 2019
    PS : I think this issue is fixed now.
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    Maker-friendlyness is almost never intended. It almost always is a byproduct of incompetence.
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