Using AWS S3 web ui to copy a big folder from one to another and in the middle of copying, I got a pop up that your session has expired please refresh the page and task failed because of this.
What kind of security is this ? Can you check if any task is currently running.
Second who uses browser alert these days... wasted my one hour.

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    Use the s3 CLI. The web UI isn't designed for large copies.
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    @SortOfTested I can't argue with this, but I've found S3 browser* to be a great help, but I can't say I've ever had a need to do bucket to bucket transfers before.


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    Use ec2 instances to do that. You will get best speed. Use 'screen' to run the command in background so that even if u close ssh connection to ec2 instance, you command will keep running.
    I use it when I have to move data comprises of multiple small files resulting in 20 gb to another bucket.
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    That's hacky. Rsync will allow resuming connections and detaching.

    The AWS CLI handles all that with continuations as well, no need to copy it twice.
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    @SortOfTested I am saying to use AWS cli only. But running behind screen will allow user to close ssh connection without terminating AWS cli sync command.
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    @shiv7071007 same here I have small files but the total size is 20gb and anyways I made a tar out of it and moved it. Thanks 😊
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    @arvinds and it resulted to 1gb and used AWS cli to move that file
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