Im building a dead simple online store. So far the options are:
0) heroku, with redis
1) aws lambda functions and some aws storage
2) set up a vps

The domain will be a cheap .store domain, and 1 and 2 should not exceed the limit where its not free anymore. I dont want wordpress or anything premade, i dont expect more than 50 orders. Is there a more stupid solution that lets me try out different providers?

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    Never used heroku, but the option 1 is most probably cheaper and way easier to maintain than option 2. If you want something even easier take a look at firebase.
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    why reinvent the wheel?
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    I Google aws lambda functions and it says that available languages: English language. Didn't know I can code in English...
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    Lambda is better for glue, wouldn't do it unless you're fully eventual.
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    @ilikeglue something something bojler

    @SortOfTested i think i would have 3 endpoints, is replacing those with 3 functions far fetched?
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    The spin up time becomes the issue. It still has some provisioning wait. Experiments we did showed that a 250 micro core ECS container was faster and only marginally more expensive.

    Python was also the best performer in our lambda scenarios due to its startup time.
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    @SortOfTested ah thanks, its a big no then, i wanna use a jvm language.
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    That seems everything but dead simple to me.
    Want dead simple?
    Static HTML with PayPal buy buttons.
    Support and tracking via email/PayPal.
    Now that’s dead simple.
    If it’s really no more than X purchases and a handful of products why not consider it?
    Or Shopify. Never used it but if a non-tech can do it I would say it doesn’t get any easier than that.
    PS: This obviously depends on the use case, but I would do a react app (to avoid spaghetti) driven by JSON files hosted on S3 w/PayPal buttons if it fills all needs, invoicing and tracking via PayPal, email for support, if too much hassle for it would add Zendesk for a quick help center linked to email. As always, cloudflare on front and you can scale to the moon with a low overhead and zero worries lol.
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    @whiteagle i might try react, i always use vue for frontend, it would be a nice change of pace
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    @yellow-dog I mentioned react cause that’s what I’m used to, same goes for any similar technologies you’re used to! I personally use react because it had more adoption (I assume that’s still the case nowadays) when I started using it. If it’s a small project that you want to keep simple, ship fast and make easy to maintain stick to what you like, know and use - remember, if you use the project to learn and don’t like the outcome you’ll have to maintain it regardless (or rewrite it and spend 3x the time - cause you used 2x the time learning new stuff by this point).
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    @whiteagle im okay with taking more time, im not in a hurry, mostly want to learn new things with this project. The store is just merch for my meme page, so theres no real deadline.
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    You can try hetzner. It is also service provider, but very cheap
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