A question for the community... What do the wk12 (replace 12 with two digit number) mean?

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    If you are here through the app, just open the menu and there's "Week(ly) rant" (don't remember, I'm through browser now).

    It's basically a topic you can write rant/status about and has a separate section you can read them in. It's quite nice, because it's similar to a batch of rants directly on a Monday morning, which is really satisfying if you wake up with a knife in your hand and death in your eyes. :P

    The topic is announced either via the in-app notification under the app title, or directly in the section of the app. Also, you can search for them via Search "wkX"
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    @KeyWeeUsr I just roll out of the bed into the kitchen and have breakfast... But I guess that works too
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