I was willing to give Edge a try when it popped up in the Bing result for Chrome. I just installed Win7 on an old laptop for my dad...

But MS decided to use some JS popup that doesn't draw properly in IE 9? ...

OK.... Chrome it is then

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    Isn’t tha IE instead of edge
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    @devTea IE is the only browser when Windows is installed. I opened it and typed Chrome. The bing result at the top says try Edge but then the download page has some JS popup to accept some EULA before it can be downloaded...
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    *laughs in Linux package manager
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    So I gave Edge a try when I saw how many EXEs chrome opened just to start...

    Edge though did the same.... And just as slow.... Wondering if I while try Firefox?
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    Tha’s what happens when you use OS which is not supported anymore.
    It’s like saying : Ok I can’t install chrome on my Windows 98. Installer says “Unknown OS”.
    Or : Last KDE doesn’t work on my 10 years old Linux distribution.
    Windows 7 is dead.
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    @NoToJavaScript loads fine in Chrome...
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    @billgates yeah, you can try FF
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    @billgates it's a modern web browser what did you expect? Also the fact that edge even runs win 7 is a pure miracle.
    Oh an edge uses chromium so the same backend as Chrome
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    @fuckwit the first time I used chrome was on this PC... It wasn't this slow.... It used to be the fastest...
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    @billgates Edge is Chromium, which is better Chrome, so yeah, ofc they'll behave the same.
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