Was forced to do some work on Windows this week (CAD tools that runs only on Windows). I spent a few days just setting up the tools. There were quite a few things I realized I forgot about Windows (as compared to Linux).

1) Installation times are down right horrific. What exactly are the installer doing for 10 minutes?
2) .NET is a cluster fuck. Not even Microsofts repair tool can fix it, but rather just hangs. I ended up using another tool to nuke it and reinstall.
3) Windows binary installs are insanely huge, thus, takes forever to download.
4) The registry is a pointless database that must have been written in hell with the single intent of destroying users will to live. The sole existence of the registry is another proof that completely incompetent engineers designed Windows.
5) Rebooting is the only way to solve many problems. This is another sure sign of a fundamentally fucked up OS design.
6) What the heck is wrong with the GUIs designers? The control panel must be the worst design ever. There are so many levels to get to a particular setting I'm getting dizzy. Nothing gets better by the illogical organisation.
7) Windows networking. A perversion of the tcp/ip stack that makes it virtually impossible to understand a damn thing about the current network configuration. There are at least 3 different places that effects the settings.
8) Windows command prompt. Why did they even bother to leave it in? The interpreter is as intelligent as retarded donut. You can't do anything with it, except typing "exit" and Google for another solution.
8) Updates. Why does it takes hundreds of updates per month to keep that thing safe?
9) Despite all updates that is flying out of Redmond like confetti, it is still necessary to install antivirus to keep the damn thing safe. That cost extra money, and further cost you by degrading performance of your hardware.
10) Window performance. Software runs like it was swimming in molasses. The final stab in the back on your hardware investment, and pretty much sends performance on your hardware back a few hundred bucks more.
11) Closed source is evil. If something crash consistently, you might find a forum that address the issues you have. Otherwise you're out of luck. On the other hand, it might be for the better. I imagine reading the code for Windows can lead to severe depression.

I'm lucky to be a Linux dev, and should probably not complain too much... But really, Windows, go get yourself hit by a truck and die. I won't miss you.

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    Hello, I am thinking of doing some programming on Linux. What distro do you recommend?
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    @Bobj2008 the most truthful answer is: it depends. I was asking this question myself many times. Don't listen to anyone shouting “Fedora“ or “Don't use ubuntu“. You should go and try many different flavours untill you find your pick. Check distro watch for more Information or go with the big players: debian, ubuntu, centos, fedora. Development itself can be done on either of these in a very similar way.
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    @Data-Bound Alright, thanks.
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    @Bobj2008 If you just want to have a taste of Linux dev and don't have much time to invest, go with a "user friendly" distro, like Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora or Deepin. But, if you can invest more time and really want to learn Linux bottom up, then I recommend Arch Linux. You have to install everything by hand, no gui there to ease your pain - but it's worth the effort as you will truly understand what is happening behind all those (in my eyes) distracting guis. You'll learn how the different parts fit together and typical admin tasks that will make your life easier in the future. You'll also get into the habbit of working on cli, which is really the strength of Linux. Once you become effective with the cli tools, you'll be so much more efficient than your friends stuck with their guis and IDE's.
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    @undefined I've heard you can make Arch Linux to be what you want it to be. I will give it a try on my VM machine.
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    @Bobj2008 yes, using a vm is an excellent idea until you get used to the environment. Be patient, good luck!
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    @undefined are you a full time Linux dev ? (Sorry if it's inappropriate)
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    As much as I want Windows to get hit by a truck to extinction, most users pull it back to safety. It’s the only thing they want to use and don’t want to try any other os.
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    @undefined BY FAR the best windows rant I've read... Wait for the WJW (windows justice warriors) response 😅
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    @skonteam I'm working as consultant and are an entrepreneur. As consultant i only take Linux contracts, for my ventures the choice is simple.
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    @jtdv mm, the power of marketing is depressing. MacOS is gaining, and is somewhat better (most Linux tools works), though much my criticism is valid for MacOS as well.
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    Debian, its grand father of all linux distros.
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