Doctor, am i going to die?

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    Repost, also taken from the "Programmer jokes" channel on Telegram.
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    @altermind i wasnt know it already posted before. But, you can downvote as "repost" , you dont need reply like this one 😒
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    @TilkiBey I did voted as repost, and I didn't intend to be arrogant or anything, I just want to improve the community
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    I think people need to be a little more relaxed about repositing. If you see a rant and then deliberately repost on devRant, then yeah fair enough, people will be mad.

    However unless you specifically made a meme or image yourself then it's always going to he a repost, and if it's funny, and relevant, why make such a fuss?
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    Back to the OP: That's how I felt when I first learned Haskell.
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    @MaccaMc exactly. If it's a repost of something already on devRant, fine, but I'd prefer not to scour the entire internet to find these jokes. I bet the one in the "programming jokes" section was probably a repost as well
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