Do you often have meetings with overseas colleagues? Do you notice cultural differences? Do you read up on what kind of business etiquette or anything similar they have there? Or do you just dive right into IT stuff?

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    I do. Some "stereotypes" (disclaimer) based on my experience:

    United States - Always on time, often working over time, work is life.

    Spain - Talkative but good listeners.

    Scotland - Very frank. If only I can understand a word they're saying without 69 repetitions.

    Ukraine - Humble developers, dumbass managers, the norm.

    Malaysia - Always late during meetings, non-committal. I actually searched this because I was puzzled why I'm always the first one in the meeting. It turned out to be a part of the culture. If meeting starts at 9AM, people are just "starting" to gather at 9AM.

    India - Makes the least effort possible, expect delays.

    Philippines - Yes men. Drama, gossip, and slave mentality. They will commit to everything, working overtime is something regarded as hard work even at times when it's really inefficiency. They almost never reason out with their superiors.
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    I don't read-up on cultural differences to prepare. But I may adjust or consult a collegaue's opinion after sometime depends if there are behaviors affecting progress of work or I just feel tension or awkwardness and I need a second opinion. I adjust my expectations to bare minimum so as not to get disappointed. During meetings small talk of maybe max of 5 minutes. On time and wait max 5 minutes for people to come to the meetings unless F2F and it is the client who is late.
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    Call begins.
    "So this variable .."
    "probably a segmentation fault. Please check."
    End call
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