obligatory avatar update as my quarentine beard grows, how's your facial hair doing?

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    Still can't grow a beard 😔 still disappointed
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    @Elyz your avatar hair looks lovely tho : )
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    @Kashmir lmao you reminded me I should update it as it has grown a lot 😂
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    Updated mine as well now :P
    Looks pretty accurate tbh
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    My facial hair hardly grows, my head hair grows like mad 😅
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    @linuxxx mine too D: i like being bald but it just makes it too hard so i give up ripping it off
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    All My hair grows
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    Just got rid of it last week, and its already growing back on. I usually shave it once a month.
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    @Linux Best comment ever.
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    I was growing beard anyway. But now I've got longer mustache also and I'm wondering what should I do with them.

    @Frederick congrats, its finally starting to grow.
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    Almost need to update it again too, but I don't like the longer one.
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    Just a word of warning: I always maintain a well-groomed beard, and at this time I shaved it and YOU SHOULD TOO.
    Nowadays you may need to wear a respirator without notice and beards don't allow them to seal. Be ready.
    Check https://cdc.gov/niosh/npptl/...
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    @whiteagle that guide has nothing to do with the current epidemic https://blogs.cdc.gov/niosh-science...
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    not that i didn't already have a pretty thick beard before but having not shaved since, i could probably just use my teeth to trim up my mustache right now.
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    @electrineer the guide was indeed made for workers (as you can see on the subtitle of the image) but under the same principle: the need to use a respirator. If you need/want to use a respirator it applies. CDC may have added that red box on the page but hey, if you’re going to use a respirator IT APPLIES.
    They were just under the “no masks are necessary”, “you should not use a respirator”, “it’s actually worse” when adding that box (in my opinion - cause of stock issues and availability to medical professionals).
    We had the same here at the beginning of it all, officials were stating “nobody should wear masks”, “studies show using masks is worse”, “do not use respirators, there’s no need” - end result: today a law was passed and everyone is required to use a mask (a mask, not a respirator) in public closed spaces here in Portugal (with fines up to 350€ - about half our minimum wage - for those who don’t comply).
    I’m sticking to my N95 respirators & FFP3 3M gear, depending where and why I’m going out for, both of them require a seal, wearing any with facial hair is pointless (as explained on https://multimedia.3m.com/mws/...).
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    @whiteagle the masks you mentioned are good for filtering street dust, so go ahead.
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    @electrineer I only use FFP2/3 respirators; however, it would probably be impossible for every citizen to get their hands at them, the government couldn't require that.
    They made a standard for what they called a "community reusable mask" and a certification program.
    These reusables are similar in construction to surgical masks (most people are using surgical masks at this point). Still, the idea is simple: "Keep the virus on the host", thus minimize cases [instead of "keep the virus out of the host" as in respirators].
    If the "community masks" end up providing half the filtering of a surgical and we end up cutting new cases in 10-20%, I would say it's worth it.
    Remind me to come here in a few months when there's a flashy article somewhere on how Portugal reduced their already low infection rate drastically by making everyone use masks (you got to hope for the best right?).
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