How does the developer community feel about browser-based IDEs such as repl.it

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    Not interested. They're more of an enteprise data security overkill sort of thing. If I'm not on a machine with an IDE, vim works.
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    VSCode runs in a browser now, but I think there's no point in that since you can carry over configurations by just logging into your account. Don't see the point generally, maybe it only makes sense if you have to do text editing work directly on a machine that you don't have your stuff installed on.
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    Purpose of the remove VS code workflow was originally windows users needing Linux boxes to do work. People just built products around it.
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    Useless, I shouldn't have to care if I have an internet connection to be able to pull out a laptop and work on a project while I lay in my hammock on the beachside.
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    For iPads something like replit is good and i believe

    That replit is capable of many large scale projects
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    Personally I don't fancy everything being put in browsers, I prefer things to run on my machine, plus I use emacs for most of my development anyways
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