The fact that security isn’t even considered any more when people write software.

Basically nothing popular that you use follows good encryption practices. There is more work going into defeating encryption than making sure it is bullet proof.

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    Not everyone likes to wear tinfoil hats and Autistically screech about the mythical thing called privacy.
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    But I mean it's slightly alarming but not surprising.
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    The same applies to devRant, probably
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    @Stuxnet but I do like to wear those tinfoil hats.

    It’s all about the principal. These companies and governments get away with this kind of terrorism because not enough people care enough. Therefore I’ve made it my business to defy that expectation.

    I don’t even have a cell phone. Too many people said “people can’t survive without a cell phone any more so we can use it to track them and spy on them and they’ll be forced to take it laying down”

    To that I said FUCK ALL YALL and I’ve been phone free for 7 years. No regrets, don’t miss it. I broke out of the expectations and am very proud of myself for doing so. Not everyone must feel this way but it is very important to me and for who I am.
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    Thats so damn true. Like everyone is shitting on privacy in general. I mean data should be collected as needed and protected.

    But everyone seems to scrape the last drop out of your data and not even securely store it.

    I mean just look how many sensitive data is publicly available on s3. Like dafuq, yeah its just sensitive data. Let it put there unencrypted or anywhere near protected.
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    Amen, brother.
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    @R3ym4nn right. Like it’s one thing for credit reporting companies to even be LEGAL and it’s another thing for it to be stockpiled without encryption on some windows network drive (or whatever the fuck they do, all I know is it’s stupid whatever they do)

    And after all these breaches they’re like “we’re taking steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again”

    Like... what steps!? If you aren’t encrypting your data you have not taken any steps. That translates into “we took no steps but we’ll try harder to not have the same mistakes lead to the same outcome”
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