You know that feeling, when you code, compile, run. It just works ?

That’s the moment I get insecure

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    That only ever happens in strongly and statically typed functional languages.
    So while i know that feeling, i almost never actually feel it. But when i feel it, it feels good.
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    It usually is wrong as well.
    I mean, there is usually a problem wit the test-case then
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    Got that going with my C programs.
    I always run them on valgrind right afterwards to read a log telling me if I did something wrong.
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    That moment when you git pull without conflicts but cannot be sure it's actually all fine. Same thing.πŸ˜…
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    @cb219 then I start asking myself: is my network ok ? Was is the correct command? Is GitHub down ? Is my hard drive ok ?
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    @dder on a successful pull?πŸ€” Don't you get errors when smth goes wrong?
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    @cb219 yes, since I usually get errors, which I then fix.
    It’s that “oh why did it just work this time” which makes me doubt. Then I ask myself: “Did it really work?”
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    It's the most awsome WTF moment
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