Graphs and clustering changed my perception of the world. I caught myself thinking of random shit in clusters and edges, and now I realized I have been doing this for a while.

•I caught myself thinking the following a few minutes ago:

While taking a shower, for unexplained reasons, I started visualizing different groups of friend’s throughout my life and how their connection/relationship to its group (centroid AKA leader) had a significant influence on how each individual behaved. After doing this for five groups - I proceeded to label them in classes of behaviors and noticed why each friend behaved a certain way. Wtf right? 😂

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    If you’ve had a similar experience after programming for a while, please share!
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    I once thought I came up with the first novel idea of my life. I found that if you took the 64 squares of a chess board and created an inner square whose vertices were at f3, c3, f6, c6. For any piece inside the inner square if you counted the possible moves outside the inner square alone (not including those in it) and did this for all the pieces and calculated the sum for each side; the side with the greater number was invariably the one winning the game.

    I eventually gave up on that idea. There has to be better, more intuitive ways of positional evaluation.
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    Oops my bad, not after programming but did think of implementing it.
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