When do you guys feel like you know a particular language/tool/framework enough and now its time to move onto another framework/language /tool?

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    curious, which is it you feel you know really well?
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    I don't tend to learn frameworks for the sake of learning them. I learn them to use.
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    As long as platform/language/framework stays relevant, is updated and solves problems I need to solve, I don't start learning new one.
    Sure, I try new things out, but I don't start learning them on purpose. It is living hell if you need to maintain multiple different framework projects.
    So I could say I learn new stuff when rebooting life. New job, or business decision in same job that everything is switched, old customers ditched (or forced to buy new solution).
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    I'll learn something new when it's needed, or I know that it's easier to implement for my needs.

    Outside of that, duck it.
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    If you know a particular language / framework really well, get a job in it :)
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