Hi everyone,
I'm a 19 year old student looking for some fun things to do when I'm bored so I want to learn as mush programming languages as I can. I was wondering if you guys had some fun assignments for me to do, it can be any language you like.
I'm going to make a page on my website where I will have all projects that I received on with finished code and credits to who send it. Please send the assignments to my email at marcel@haazen.xyz, and don't forget to to put your dev rant username. I will make a new !rant soon when I finished the design of the pages. I can't wait for all of the things all of you might send in.

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    Plz just put the code to display images in terminal like iterm has plz plz
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    @rookiemaverick What do you mean xD?
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    @elcore sorry man I'm still working on my email server and TLS should be off ATM as I didn't enable it
    And I didn't know I could use my let's encrypt cert on email to
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    @elcore I just fixed my TLS cert, SSLv3 should be disabled by default thanks to my panel and i cant find how to fix the fucking ciphers it keeps breaking on me xD
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    @elcore I'm actually planning on resetting my server coming soon can you mabye help me setup the email as I don't have much experience with it.
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    @elcore i know The feeling also a student haha
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