That I am not good enough for this shit.

Recently left my job because anxiety, a lot of it.

Tbh, I should not burntout myself, because:
- salary was a shit
- the scrum was a lie, there was no end of the sprint, so no retrospective meeting ever done.
- They change the """sprint""" task pile at any moment, usually adding more tasks for the same sprint.
- previous project manager was an idiot who said "yes" at EVERYTHING the client asked, even if the request was outside tje scope of the project.

The project was heavily delayed, and I was the only developer left on the most hideous backend you can imagine (the code was just tje very definition of "what not to do"). NO UNIT TESTING at all.

My task: clean the mess so we have a """stable""" release (with the tests), add the new features and re-do the backend again, but this time properly.

8 months of develop for this shit and they wanted the stable-shit-backend in a month and the new backend in other month "because everithing was already done in the shitty one". Do not forget the new features too.

So, I was doing the imposible to try to do tje task, overdoing hours and reading the docs of the project (because I was new in it), but it take me.a lot of effort to simply correct bugs because of complexity of the code and not understanding fully some parts of the project.

Then the comments like "why this is not finished yet?" Or "I do not understand why this is taking so long"

So, I had poor sleep, I was anxious because my inhability to do the imposible and in the end, a feeling kind of defeated because I quit.

So... that.

Sorry if something is wrong typed or so, english is not my native language.

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    They obviously don’t know what a sprint is.

    Or quality.

    If everything is already done in the old one, why do they need you to rewrite it ;)

    Good of you to get out, with so bad management it will never be a good place to work or learn.
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    "I do not understand why thats taking too long". Oh my god. Yes you don't. If you want to understand why don't you take one issue and try to complete it? Lets see if you could even finish it in this century. I get really angry when people talk about things they dont know. If your mom is in surgery, would you ask the same question to the doctor? "Cure her cancer and make her muscles strong. It will take like 2 hour right? Because she already exists, you are not creating her from scratch"
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    right decision, better not to work with people like those, being healthy is also important.
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    We stopped doing week to week sprints because stuff kept being added to the sprint which was most of the times completely out of the scope.

    Also, we literally never completed the work that was in the sprint which we committed to at the beginning of the week.

    Once we started working with a board which got managed by ONLY the product owners we started producing quality again.
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    Your salary will never be worse than mine.
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