I'm an iOS developer, but I also write Java code at work for our servers. I'm pretty appreciative of multiple technologies / implementations, and don't really participate in religious wars. 99.9% of people at my job are hardcore Java server developers who worship the JVM and hate everything else. I work primarily in objective-c and swift. Hearing them bash Apple as a horrible company (while using a Mac btw) and hailing Java as the greatest language since sliced bread, gets pretty fucking annoying after 2 years. So I decide to participate in their flame wars for once, do some digging, and come across this: https://cs.gmu.edu/~sean/stuff/.... They could not nor would believe the post, because the fact that their precious Java could have borrowed at all from the "terrible" Objective-C / Smalltalk paradigm was too much to bear. Talk about close-minded..

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