What are your thoughts on this?

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    I'm just going to leave this here.

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    As with everything, one may only be starting being full stack developer. To me, it's more of desire rather than objective title.
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    I think master is too much of a word. I think of myself as full-stack, because I am very confident in working with backends, frontends, databases and yes, also servers.

    I can set up a Linux server with Chef, Puppet, Ansible or manually that has iptables done and a reverse proxy, usually running as docker container I built myself.

    On the other hand, sometimes a figure out by googling Nginx configs that do more magic I don't understand, that is far beyond a quick rewrite rule or SSL termination. And I just copy them over and they work.

    Am I not full stack just because I am just competent enough to be exactly what you need in 95 % of the cases and need to do some experimenting and googling in 5 % of the cases?

    Let's just declare this statement as bullshit until someone defines what `to master` actually means and then revisit this question.
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    They forget about Junior FS developers
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    I try to avoid having to many of those, sorry.
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    I find the skills they actually want are the ability to pick up new skills instantly without training and the ability to constantly switch contexts seamlessly
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    I have to agree if i'm to be honest.

    I've met plenty of "full stack" developers who don't understand servers and networking in any way shape or form, many seem to think that the "stack" is just their favourite framework and that's all.

    I hired one once (he stated he had all the relevant skill through the interview process) and plopped him in front of a computer and said I'll let him get set up how he likes it (OS and all, though we start everyone on Windows and leave them to change it if they wish) while I went for a meeting.

    I came back 2 hours later and he'd done nothing, had no idea how to set up a web server, I asked if he wanted Linux and he said he had no idea show to navigate it (we advertised that we used Linux apache servers very early on).

    The worst part is that isnt not the first time its happened.

    We now have a larger tech test now to filter out all the chaff, and there is a lot.
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    Server deployment is not part of being a Fullstack developer, it’s part of DevOps.
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    @dsteiner totally, this fullstack shit is getting out of control, just include machine learning too FFS
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    The word, "fullstack," has been co-opted by programmers to make themselves sound more qualified than they really are. A fullstack engineer is a one-person IT department, and is typically compensated at about 1.5 to 3 times the rate of any normal employee. Somewhere in the last couple years, programmers who only know web technologies have taken the word, and applied it to the word developer, to create the meaningless term, "fullstack developer," to describe what literally every web developer should already have on his or her resume: frontend and backend knowledge.

    The term has been diluted by this use and now has been reduced to just a meaningless buzzword.
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    @bahua This.
    This is how the truth looks like.
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    So it seems like there are no agreements on what a fullstack developer should know, but we all seem to agree that a fullstack dev should know more than a few tools for than just one end of the stack. I wonder what is the minimum level of knowledge required for one to become a fullstack dev, and where should we draw the line?
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    I've worked on mobile apps, web and backend too but I stopped calling myself a fullstack dev because there's an ocean of tools, libraries, startegies, patterns and what not and I didn't think I knew enough of them. I would really like to know from some of the fullstack devs that commented, about their journey to the fullstack land.
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    It's all nonsense. There's no acceptable threshold, because it doesn't mean anything. When I see a resume that says it, I usually pass, because it almost always means, "bullshit artist."
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    *watches in silence and not caring about titles*
    Get the job done or get out, unless you are willing to learn.
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