Interviewing for a job at a small start up on Monday . Any advice?
The app --
Currently only an iOS app. Android in the making. 2500 users. Company is moving to first office space January. Minneapolis MN based.
Never worked at a startup. JavaScript node express firebase angular postgresql mongdb and stack overflow....
Tips advice anything. Thanks dev ranters

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    Make sure that their CTO is not a complete D*** as you'll spend a lot of time with him/her. Also set yourself a desirable salary and don't let them lower it by even a cent as you'll most likely be doing everything and more in a startup.
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    Good luck! What's your situation at the moment?
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    Just finished school( boot camp ). Thanks for tips so far.
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    Pro of startups: Extremely high levels of freedom.
    Con of startups: expect to work more than agreed on the contract (fewer people means every individual is more valuable)

    Make sure you establish your skills and responsibilities early since those will probably be your responsibilities for a long time.
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