Someone from QA just randomly started asking me about API requests and responses today. For our backend which is not actually an API and changes all the time without notice. They just like, casually wanna know the contract of every endpoint on that.

So after having a heart attack thinking my coworker got spear phished I find out QA has decided to start testing our backend without telling us let alone asking us if it's a good idea.

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    QA with intuitive, what's wrong with that?
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    @C0D4 If they'd asked I'd have told them the API is an implementation detail and their time would be better served writing e2e tests. We already have unit tests but they're not maintained by qa. We change them as we change the things they test.

    I just know every time I change something now it's gonna be tickets galore and I'm gonna have to answer 20 questions about why foo.bar doesn't exist when there's no business requirement for foo.bar to exist
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