As an introvert & junior dev, I'm so frustrated with video conferencing meetings:

1. People interrupt each other and change topics all the time.

2. People disregard the host's agenda.

3. Meetings are starting to be recorded or secretly screenshotted in the very moment I am frowning because my internet connection is getting bad.

4. The meeting chat turns into a side discussion if the host is not addressing things in the chat and setting the rules clearly.

5. There are lots of buttons missing in my company's VC tool that would display my current status to the other participators, e.g. a no "I agree", "I disagree", or "I have something to add". All I have available in my VC tool is a "thumbs up" or "applause" reaction that stays next to me in my picture for very long 10s...

6. Webinars via VC tools are super uninteractive. To make it worse, there is no pizza, no free drinks and also no side conversations and no walking to the station together with the other nerds.

7. There is no way to tell the person speaking that you haven't heard them clearly or you would like them to explain something further in a big group meeting. It's too embarrassing for me to interrupt or let everyone else know in the chat that I haven't got it.

Bottom line: I HATE video conferences without a good facilitator that involve more than 3 people and would like to write my own VC software but I'm already kinda feeling drained because all these chaotic meetings stress me so much :(

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    > would like to write my own VC software

    Is why I'm writing my own !
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    T-pose to assert dominance.
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    another point: if you’re working with remote devs with thick accents and/or bad microphones it can be super awkward to have to ask them to repeat themselves, so you end up just assuming what they said 😬
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    I'm reminded where I am, some locals tak ik ds n txt o da facbk.

    Which means I can't even understand them in text chat !

    No google translate for their language, it isn't popular enough !
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    The thumbs up and applause emoji for 10 seconds is definitely Zoom lol, they honestly seem like afterthoughts added to the app one summer by an intern to keep them busy.
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