It's been one of those days where I'm stuck on a bug and feel drained, tired, and I'm just watching youtube videos out of boredom. I hate thede days, especially since I have a demo tomorrow

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    I've been watching the TRY channel on yt lately -- a bunch of usually-drunk Irish people trying various things from 170 proof Poitín (moonshine) to crickets to Canadian chips to red velvet everything. It's actually pretty enjoyable.
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    Is it a bug you could get help figuring out? (Asking as an unemployed workaholic)

    Edit: damn it, this was a day ago? Good luck on your demo!
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    @AmyShackles thanks! it went great the only comment they had was that the documentation was in markdown while they prefer restructured text which was kinds offtopic 😁

    The bug had to do with the mocking framework acting a bit odd, changing the mock url fixed it
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    @alexbrooklyn Good to hear! Friday demos are stressful! Hope you have a great weekend!
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