After 10 years maintaining the same codebase, I sometimes find features in the system that I wrote years ago and I forgot they existed, like "Cool, I didn't know the system was able to do that, I completely forgot, I wonder how it works, and God knows how I wrote this shit, let's see..".
I've even found myself starting to implement features that already exist, and then having to revert the changes.

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    Ah, that's affectionately known as "who wrote that crap, I'm going to kill them, oh crap that was my crap" syndrome.
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    With my mere three years of experience, it's already come to strike me equally hard everytime it happens. In the best of scenarios it happens when I want to modify or add something and it dawns upon me that the foundation for it is already laid out. Or when I use some software I've written a long time ago and I use it in some unusual way and go "huh! It predicted this could happen."
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    Time for v2 😎
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