I've learned that trying to jump into a project without properly understanding everything it will entail is bad.

I recently worked on a project that involved modernizing a legacy system and no one on the team (including me) fully understood how the legacy system worked. This led to us missing a lot of edge cases and attacking the project in a way that really wasn't beneficial overall.

If we had thought about the entire system beforehand and mapped out the legacy system, the project would've turned out much better.

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    Wow, an actual rant from dfox as opposed to an announcement :O
    That's good progress there @dfox, but next time with more feeling. Maybe sprinkle in some cuss words, that ought to get them emotions out :D
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    Long time ago, when devRant was a closed alpha version,.....
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    @Bikonja I'm not really mad about this, more just glad it's almost over :) I think my closest thing to what you're looking for is my wk44 rant about one professor I had in college - that guy really pissed me off.

    @CozyPlanes haha, not from devRant. It was one of the projects at my day job.
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    @dfox "almost" is very subjective in the IT world... Been 10+ yrs since an web server, I worked in my last role, was considered legacy... Still supported and and widely used in production...
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    If this rant gets 500++ do you give yourself a stressball?
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    Scared about @letmecode getting closer? :D
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    finally saw a rant by @dfox
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    I have doing the same with my team from past 6 months. Now we are finally close to finishing off the project.
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    Learning something similar myself. Learning to plan and think before I code! Spending more time thinking about what I'm about to do than just jumping into it.
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    Yasssss 👏👏👏
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