I feel fine for the whole day but the moment I get off work, I just feel tired and want to take a nap...

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    I just shoot some caffeine and hop on a bike for a cardio wakeup.
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    @SortOfTested just came back from a walk, feel slightly better but not sure about the caffeine. Had that in the morning though not sure if it helped or makes it worse
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    Caffeine just ups the rate of nutrient intake. Helps you get warmed up.
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    Isn't that considerable as normal? Work means you exerted effort so your body feels the need to recharge. You could either go with it and nap or go against it by doing an engaging activity.
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    @iamai but it's only since this week so I can't tell if it's the work itself or working more while wfh, or being shut in all the time
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