Sooo, my first rant here.
Just joined a company and all of their websites are built on WordPress, and personally I am by far not a huge fan of WordPress, tried digging around for an alternative to suggest switching and just fuuuuuuuuuck, there is just too much shit, and half of it is even worse than WordPress, oh well...

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    So did you not ask this in the interview, or did they lie to you?
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    is there still money to be made from wordpress when indians churn out wp sites for as low as $20?

    Did you look at www.craftcms.com ?
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    @mrmr I knew some stuff was WordPress, but didn't know that it was 8 websites in WordPress. Luckily I was given freedom to switch to anything. But to whaaaaat (thinking Gatsby)
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    @heyheni true, didn't see that before, but I am thinking something more raw (like Gatsby)
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    @velezhanski yeah you’re right headless is all the rage but it’s not very end user friendly. It’s dev friendly (hell yeah) 😄 but think at poor Sophia from marketing who struggles with anything else other than Word and Excel.

    My favourite headless cms is https://ghost.org because of it’s user friendly editor.
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    @heyheni @heyheni well to be fair there are some headless solutions with a nice UI.
    Sanity.io + GatsbyJs = Love
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    @velezhanski looks really nice, but please talk to the folks who will use this and find out what possibilities and benefit this offers to them. Think integrations with other tools or less work. And keep in mind maybe it is not the right fit even if you get very excited about this awesome technology. I made this error way too often 😄
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    Directus is nice.
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