Hey guys, it's been a while since the last time I saw devRant... I cannot believe that just a couple of years ago when I finished my System Engineering Technician, also was on that time I started to use devRant. Those times I was learning as much as I could and try to find a job while I was starting the university and I wanted to be iOS dev but because of the money, I had never thought that would be possible soon, but 6 months ago I had the opportunity to take a trainee program, but that meant going to live in another city, and leave the university for a while, but believe me, it was the best decision I took, now I'm an iOS dev and I'm Working on that company, and the next year I'm going to retake the university.... I was a difficult decision at the beginning, but I learned a lot, and I'm learning more things while I'm getting a lot of experience and now I'm just back here where I started, I took a look to my old rants, I cannot believe what I have done and I'm excited because of all the incoming things to do and I hope you are achieving your dreams and work hard to get more. Never give up that's the key 👌🏻

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